Monday, 4 July 2011

Flashfic #1 Wallsex

We hurry round the corner and I'm slamming you against the wall so hard it must have hurt like a bitch, then we're kissing; deep, bruising kisses designed to excite and hurt as we grind against each other. We need to fuck. Sod being caught. Too many clothes. Shirts torn, t-shirts ripped to shreds. I shove my knee between your legs with such force you grunt into my mouth. It feels good, doesn't it? I grab your hands, holding them high above your head, my thigh against your erection, pressure harder, needing more than this. You can't move; held in place by my hands and my body pushing you into the wall. 

This isn't nearly enough. One hand keeps you pinned whilst the other scrabbles for your flies. I'm shoving your trousers and boxers down, no care taken, your cock slamming back against your stomach as it is freed. I drop to my knees, my mouth enclosing the head in hot, wet need. You clutch at my hair, tugging painfully. I don't care, you don't notice. Your whole attention is focused on the pleasure my mouth is giving you. I pull back, grazing you with my teeth. I can hear you trying to suppress your groans and grin around your cock. We are in a public place, after all. In a minute you're going to be screaming.

My tongue flicks the tip of your cock, exploring the slit and tasting your salt. I lick round the head, pulling back the foreskin, nipping and licking until you are begging me to finish. I know you are close to coming. I know every reaction, every muscle in your body. I work my hand between your legs, cupping your balls. One fingers slides further, finding you, pressing, wanting to be in you. I can feel you tensing; wanting to come but distracted by my fingers. I smile round your cock then suck hard, the movement making you shoot, flooding my mouth with your come. I gag slightly then swallow, still sucking as I feel you shudder and spasm. 

My arousal is so hard it is painful. I get to my feet, wanting just to turn you round and ram my cock into your arse. You know it. I can see the smug look on your face, one eyebrow raised in challenge. Ok then. Unceremoniously, I grab your hips and swing you round, pulling your arse towards me. I shove down my own clothes, exposing my cock. Lube, somewhere I've got lube. You bastard, you're holding it out to me. I slick it over my cock and over my fingers. I part your cheeks and pressing gently, one finger slips inside, then another. You are whimpering slightly at the burn, then biting your hand to stop yelling as I crook my fingers. All I can hear is you telling me to fuck you and then I can't wait any more. My cock enters you and I'm thrusting so fiercely you are being slammed harder and harder into the wall but you don't seem to care, just urging me on until I can't hold back. I come so hard my mind explodes and I'm screaming out your name. 

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