Sunday, 24 July 2011

Never Again

They don't talk about the night they have more than just a friendly hug. It is late, they're in a strip club and Joseph is drunk. And horny. Really, really horny. Turns out Dan is too.

As they leave the club, Joseph is hotly debating whether Dazzling Debby's tits are real or fake – that size, that round , fa-ake – and the next minute Joseph finds himself shoved up against a wall and Dan's tongue down his throat, Debby's dazzlers forgotten in the feel of hard as fuck male pressing him into the bricks. Joseph knows that he should be putting a stop to it, he's engaged for Christ's sake, but he's got a hard-on that could drill rocks and there's a thigh between his legs and all can think about is getting off – like now. The kissing ends up more sharing breath and spit, mouths passing sloppily over each other as all thought rushes south and they're humping and grinding their way to a noisy climax.

Afterwards it's panting against each other's necks and awkward glances and then faking amnesia; God bless alcohol. In the intervening days, Joseph wonders if he should say something then shrugs it off. Dan obviously doesn't want to and fuck knows, Joseph doesn't want to risk jeopardizing his new show. Best let sleeping mutts lie. It's not like it's going to happen again.

They don't talk about the next time either. Tequila, tacos, a stupid bottle and holy fuck, Dan wins the Oscar for sucking Joseph's brains out through his dick. Joseph squints as he tries to focus on Dan's lips wrapped around his cock. Kinda difficult as he isn't sure which Dan he is focusing on. Didn't matter. Both have awesome powers of suction. Isn't going to happen again so he may as well just suck it up and enjoy it.

Next time... they don't talk about it. Well, they talk. In gasps and whispers. Just not afterwards because, you know, last time and all.

Difficult to blame the next time on alcohol seeing as it's three o'clock in the afternoon between takes and Joseph's laying on Dan's mini sofa with his hand wrapped around Dan's dick. Warm content, and almost there, nearly, yes, I've got you as Dan's back arches and come spills out over Joseph's hand.

Only Joseph's a good man, a good fiancĂ© and he's feeling guilty as sin for cheating on his girlfriend. So he talks – to her. She listens to his rambling painful confession and she says very little except if it has to happen to make sure he uses condoms. He stares at her wondering if he's hearing right and she shrugs and he wonders how many drunken nights he doesn't know about. He could really do with being drunk right about now.

They cool it, the two boys. Stop drinking around each other. No more excuses. The last time is just that. Dan gets a social life and Joseph wraps himself in his engagement. Watches Dan get off with other men, watches their hands roam over that pale skin, taut, lean muscles and says nothing because what can he say?

Dan says nothing when Joseph drapes himself over Dan's shoulders, getting between him and his latest man. The guy, Nick, Rick or something similar takes a look at Joseph's body language, the possessive hand on Dan's back and the look in his eyes; my boy – want to make something of it? Nick, Rick or something similar backs off and Dan says nothing to Joseph at all in the taxi home.

Only the next day, Joseph is limping from the ass-reaming he received the previous night. No lube, just spit and sweat, bruises dug into his hips, and a pounding he won't forget in a hurry. Apparently actions speak louder than words.

Last times, they turn into one more and another one. When Dan stresses over the storyline, when Joseph's frustrations boil over, when they just need a fuck. Never a next time is never enough and Joseph gives up pretending he's not addicted to the taste and feel of Dan in his arms. But just for once he wishes they would goddamn talk about it.


  1. Holy shit! Love this. *tries to breath* This is wonderful. *fans self* Must share immediately...

  2. This really good and so...practical